JOHN Fadul

Research Associate

I did my PhD in Oncological Sciences with Dr. Stephen Lessnick at the University of Utah, where I studied the transcriptional regulation of cell identity in Ewing sarcoma, a pediatric bone-associated cancer. Currently I investigate how cancer cells exploit basal cell extrusion to invade, using the developing zebrafish skin as a model. We believe that a clearer understanding of the earliest metastatic steps is pivotal to how we diagnose and treat malignancies. Outside the lab I enjoy nature, books, modern art, and yoga.

JODY Rosenblatt

Professor of Cell Biology

Principal Investigator



Research Associate


TERESA Zulueta-Coarasa

EMBO and Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I originally hail from Salt Lake City, Utah where I completed my undergraduate work and doctoral training in the Molecular Biology PhD program at the University of Utah, under the supervision of Jerry Kaplan studying membrane trafficking and iron metabolism, in yeast and mammalian systems. I came to Jody’s lab as a postdoc at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in 2017 via Naples and Milan, where I worked in the groups of Andrea Ballabio and Pier Paolo Di Fiore studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of genetic diseases in the context of autophagy and endocytosis. Currently, in Jody’s group, we are studying the mechanics of asthma focusing on the epithelium and the damage done to it by bronchoconstriction events using tissue culture, precision-cut ex vivo lung slices and mouse models, hoping to implement a novel therapeutic approach to an old problem.

I joined the Rosenblatt Lab after obtaining my PhD in Biomedical Engineering for work completed with Prof. Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez at the University of Toronto. Currently, I am applying my skillset in bio-mechanics and quantitative image analysis to investigate how mechanical signals affect cancer cell spreading in vivo using the zebrafish embryo as a model organism. When I am not in the lab I enjoy film, video games, nature and cross-stich.


CARLOS Pardo-Pastor

Human Frontier Science Program Research Associate

I studied Human Biology, a MSc and my PhD at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), in a campus built, literally, on the beach in Barcelona. Following my interests on ion channels, mechanobiology and microscopy, I joined the Rosenblatt Lab to study how the mechanically-activated channel Piezo1 regulates cell cycle progression, migration and extrusion during homeostatic and aberrant epithelial turnover in response to mechanical inputs. Outside the lab I enjoy discovering London, reading or cooking, always with music or, lately, podcasts.

PhD Students

TOBIAS Russell

Postdoctoral Fellow

I did my PhD flirting between rheumatology & immunology at the University of Leeds. Where I was investigating how two populations of mesenchymal stem cells were being driven by aberrant immune cell activation to over repair tissue damage at the spinal enthesis, leading to remodelling of the bone and attached ligaments into a diseased state. The idea of tissue remodelling after damage is where I tie in with the Rosenblatt lab, where I will primarily be working on the remodelling of the smooth muscle in the airway which plays a role in bronchoconstriction. Outside of the lab you might find me outside in the wild somewhere or getting injured playing any number of sports.  


SARANNE Mitchell

PhD Candidate, University of Utah

Biomedical Engineering


PhD Student

The Darwin Trust of Edinburgh

Currently, I investigate biomechanical cues that may predict and drive cell extrusion at the individual cell level. Using mathematical programs and a variety of microscopy techniques including wide field, confocal, and quantitative phase I am able to explore mechanical cues in epithelial cell culture. When I am not researching, I enjoy skiing, painting, reading, and a good glass of wine.

I studied Biochemistry with the University of Zimbabwe, crossed oceans to Indonesia where I earned a master's in Immunology with Universitas Airlangga, and the thirst for knowledge deepened, which resulted in me joining the Rosenblatt lab as a PhD student. I am currently working on the role of extrusion in asthma, where I focus on extrusion of rhinovirus and its contribution to airway smooth muscle remodelling. If you find me vlogging, editing videos, reading a novel, or lost in the beauty of nature, just know that I have some time to spare.

LACHLAN Beckingham

Postdoctoral Fellow

I have recently been awarded my PhD in Human Biology from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where I specialized in neuroscience and bioengineering. My research focused on developing regenerative cell therapies for traumatic nerve injuries. I am set to join the Rosenblatt lab in November 2021, where I will be exploring how excess cell extrusion and wounding of airway epithelia remodels airway smooth muscle to bronchoconstrict, then identifying methods of regenerating that smooth muscle to non-pathological configuration. Outside of the lab, I am either cooking, climbing, or playing football.


LILY Gates

PhD Student

I joined the Rosenblatt lab as part of my MSci in Biochemistry, for my Third Year Research project at King's College London. During this time, I researched potential signalling pathways of epithelial cell extrusion. I enjoyed it so much that I am continuing the project, focusing on the role of autophagy in extrusion, as part of my Fourth Year Research project. In my spare time, I care for my cats, chickens, and dog, and if the tide is high, you will find me in the sea.  


Past members


Neshika Wijewardhane, MRes Student

Karolina Sek, undergraduate

Sabrina Bouhafs, undergraduate

Swapna Gudipaty, research associate and lab manager

Merry Joseph, undergraduate

Nadja Redd, undergraduate

Polly Redd, undergraduate

Franco Jin, undergraduate

Kaitlyn Fox, undergraduate

Danielle Hedeen, PhD student
Crystal Davey, postdoc

Kristina Fox, undergraduate

Conan Kinsey, postdoc

Gloria Slattum, PhD student and postdoc

George Eisenhoffer, postdoc

Yapeng Gu, postdoc

Thomas Marshall, postdoc

Jean-Marie Delalande, postdoc

Daniel Andrade-Sanchez, PhD student

Patrick Loftus, undergraduate

Jael Lindblom, MD fellow